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Some coments

“I heard the finale on Saturday was a huge success.  Congratulations!!”

“Thanks, everyone for a great Arts Festival…..I’m sure there are many happy memories all over town.”

“It was a lovely evening”

“A big thank you to all the committee as well for such an enjoyable festival.”

“Congratulations to you and the committee for organising such a brilliant event.”

it was a lovely event!”

“ I just wanted to say how delightful the End Of Summer Party was the other night. The lighting was gorgeous; food…  bar….  lantern procession…  and music, not least the fabulous Frome Street Bandits. It must have taken a great deal of work to organise it, so many thanks: it was great fun. All the kids found it reeeeally exciting too!”

“What a fab night it was. A great achievement.”

“Well done with Arts Festival!”